Our Team

Wendy Keer, a retired primary school headteacher and founding member of a local interfaith group "Roots & Branches",  Wendy got involved in Saltley Stories as a volunteer after sharing her story about life in Saltley with David Parker. She was born on Tarry Road, went to Nansen Rd Primary School and then onto Saltley Grammar. Wendy has dedicated a lot of time and effort in supporting the project by conducting interviews, researching the history of the churches in Saltley as well as being actively involved in archiving of materials and the develpment of the final exhibition.

Reece Keyes, the projects youngest volunteer, has been comining to Norton Hall as a service user since the age of 8. He is currently completing an apprenticeship in Children and Young People Workforce. With a keen interest in photography Reece has been involved in supporting the Big Picture Day events and has captured the backstage organisation of the events on camera.


Students from Park View School.

Nayer Khan, Project Manager

Dr David Parker  is a Lecturer af the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Nottingham. He joined the School in September 2003 and was previously a lecturer in the Department of Cultural Studies and Sociology, University of Birmingham. He is currently researching issues of belonging and community making in East Birmingham with Christian Karner. Dr Parker  has two decades of experience as a social science researcher, including interviewing over 200 people on various research projects, the publication of two books and over 20 academic articles inncluding:

PARKER, D. and KARNER, C., 2011. Remembering the Alum Rock Road: reputational geographies and spatial biographies Midland History. 36(2), 292-309:

Christian Karner  is an Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Nottingham. He got his BA (First Class) in Social and Cultural Studies from the University of Nottingham in 1998 and went on to do an MSc (Distinction) in Social Anthropology at the LSE. He then returned to Nottingham to complete his Phd.

Brian Homer  is a photographer, designer, writer and community consultanty for over 30 years working mainly with public sector client. Brian was involved in taking images for the Community Development Project (CDP) and designed the end of project CDP reports published between 1978 and 1979. Brian Homer is part of the Saltley Stories project team as Design Consultant and convenor of the Big Picture days.

Nick Woolf   has extensive experience of community involvement in Saltley and has been instrumental in the development of Community projects include; the Saltley Action Centre, Saltley Law Centre and Norton Hall. Nick Woolf continues to voluntarily support local projects and has, over four decades, committed time, energy and expertise for the benefit of the local community.

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