Over 100 people join us for our First Big Picture Day

Our very First Big Picture Day at Norton Hall on Saturday 26th October proved to be a great start for the Saltley Stories Project.

It was great to meet so many local people interested in the project and appreciating the historical and future importance of of the project.

With the help of many of those attending, we were able to identify quite a few of the faces in the photographs taken by Nick Hedges and Brian Homer in the mid 70's. One particular photograph proved to be a curiosity for a member of staff at Norton Hall. She was convinced that the child in the photogrpah was identical to her son. Lo and behold, the photogrpah proved to be of her childs father along with his sisters.

Yet another couple viewing the photographs on display, identified a childhood photograph of a relative crossing the Alum Rock Road outside St Savious School. Having called him and asked him to come down and verify the photographs, Mr Ahmed was able to recognise himself, his sister, a cousin and his late mother. Being intrigued and facinated about discovering a photograph capturing a part of his early life, Mr Ahmed has kindly agreed to be interviewed as part of the Saltley Stories Project.

So all in all a great day capturing memories and photographs of the people of Saltley